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Top 20 Things to do in Boston When Traveling for Business

Make the most out of your next business trip in Massachusetts. Whether you want to uncover Boston’s significant past, walk throughout the city, or take in some of the New England’s greatest food, there are so many ways to enjoy your time in Massachusetts. Here are 20 top things to do in Boston: 1. Breakfast […]


Corporate Relocation: How Furnished Quarters Can Help

It’s no doubt that moving is one of life’s major stressors. Whether you’re moving for a new job or just temporarily relocating, you already have a lot going on without adding housing-related hassles. Furnished Quarters provides temporary housing to make the transition to a new city feel seamless. Whether your main focus on where to […]


4 Productivity Tips for the Business Traveler

Productivity is largely the result of personal dedication. There are times, however, when we get pulled in several directions, deal with background distractions and encounter various other hindrances that affect our workflow. Here are a few productivity tips to be more productive and reach your goals when traveling for business. Organization Organization encompasses everything from […]


Corporate Apartments: 4 Unexpected Perks You Won’t Find at Hotels

If you’re going on a business trip and considering staying in a hotel, think again. Corporate apartments offer many benefits that outweigh hotel stays. Yes, corporate housing can be more economical and provide more space, but there are many more unexpected benefits that make a huge difference during business travel. It’s the little things! Here […]


For the Frequent Business Traveler: 5 Tips to Stay Healthy

Corporate travelers face an obstacle course of dietary drawbacks. They’re continuously around airport lounges and bars, meeting clients for steak dinners and ordering delivery in the wee hours of the night. Yes, these things make business travel bearable, but they also account for an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. If you’re a fellow frequent business traveler […]


The Best of New York City Parks

Whether you’re looking to catch some rays in the summer heat or go ice skating in a winter wonderland, New York City has a public park nearby for you to enjoy. In fact, the city has over 1,700 parks, playgrounds and recreation facilities across its five boroughs. Here are four of our favorite New York […]


Best Business Travel Tips for the Frequent Traveler

Corporate travel is a reality many employees face across the globe. The journey can be a thrill for some, but exhausting for others. As a frequent business traveler, be prepared for long days, back-to-back meetings and time spent adjusting to your new surroundings. Follow these simple business travel tips and you’ll be able to feel […]


Tips to Help You Sleep on Business Travel

Business travel can be a mental and physical drain, from preparation to commute. Mapping out new territories, meeting with colleagues and other realities of corporate travel can leave sleep low on the priority list of any business traveler. You’ll find that a good night’s sleep is a requirement if you’re going to handle day-to-day work […]


How to Choose Luggage for Business Travel

Whether you travel occasionally or constantly on business, the type of luggage you choose can make a difference in the quality of your trip. Forbes contributor Marc Weber Tobias notes that it’s important to select luggage pieces that are both properly engineered and well-constructed to effectively do the job of transporting your belongings while in […]


Tips for Job Seekers Looking to Relocate

In some cases, to get the job you want, it may be necessary to relocate. At other times, you may want to move to a new location, and thus be proactively seeking work in a specific part of the country. According to data from Robert Half, 62% of workers in the United States would be […]

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