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Jan 19, 2022

Restaurants in Silicon Valley

Whether you live in Silicon Valley or are planning a trip, finding the best – and most delicious – dining options is an important element. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 10 best restaurants in Silicon Valley (and reasons you should experience them for yourself). From gourmet restaurants to casual spots, we’ve got you covered for your next meal out. Let’s get started!

1. Burma Taste

If you’re looking for ethnic food that truly represents the region’s spirit, Burma Taste is your place. The menu features an assortment of noodles and various proteins to meet everyone’s preferences. As an added bonus, the staff get your food out quickly, so it’s a great option if you’re pressed for time but need to grab a cozy bite to eat.

2. Roger Bar & Restaurant

Roger Bar & Restaurant is a great place to meet up with anyone in your circle, including the kids. Located in the Ameswell Hotel, this spot is easy to get to and offers fun and food for the whole family. Fuel your drive for competition by playing one of the many lawn games around the property for hours of fun. This is a great place to hit if you’re looking for a happy hour that features exciting twists on classic drinks.

3. Eureka!

If you don’t have a beef with burgers, Eureka is your place! Come hungry because artisanal burgers are the name of the game. Bring some friends and share a few appetizers before the main event. Whether you’re looking for a place to host a reunion or for a casual date night, Eureka is a great place to hang.

4. The Emerald Hour

With Michelin star-awarded Chef Jarad Gallagher leading the way, The Emerald Hour is sure to please. Thanks to an aesthetic fireplace, you can enjoy a romantic feel with an ambiance that can’t be beat. If you’d prefer to sit outside, make sure to ask for a table near the pool so you can soak up the scenery that makes outdoor dining in California so desirable.

5. Zareen’s

Looking for a gluten-free restaurant that actually tastes good? Look no further than Zareen’s! This restaurant features Indian and Pakistani food made with love and plenty of flavors. It’s a great fit for vegetarians and vegans, too, since many dishes can be altered to suit any dietary restriction. With a beautiful marriage of spice levels, Zareen’s is sure to hit the spot.

6. Khao Kang Thai Kitchen

When you want an authentic Thai experience, head to Khao Kang Thai Kitchen. With a menu based on family recipes, you’ll find an assortment of street food from Southeast Asia that is sure to please. This place is also open late so head over to Khao Kang for any late-night cravings.

7. Roma

What’s better than a cozy Italian wine bar? One that also serves food! Roma is open for lunch and dinner, serving delicious pairings for any occasion. The pasta is fresh and the desserts are the perfect way to end a great evening. Be sure to bring your appetite because the portions are generous!

8. Gochi

Have you ever had Japanese tapas? Gochi serves incredible small plates to start your evening off with a bang. With a fast and friendly waitstaff, you’ll be ordering multiple tapas in no time. This spot is great for adventurous eaters, as the menu was designed to offer a variety of flavors, all in one sitting.

9. Cucina Venti

Have an elegant evening out (with or without the kids) at Cucina Venti. Children are allowed to dine on the patio, making this a family-forward place that’s great for all members of your household. If you’re coming without the little ones, you’ll enjoy a romantic interior that comes complete with chandeliers that only enhance the beauty of the dining room. They do take walk-ins, but reservations are recommended.

10. Birk’s

Outstanding steaks and amazing seafood define the way Birk’s does business. From starters to a raw bar to a steakhouse menu, Birk’s is ready to meet any guest’s preferences. The service and wine offerings elevate the experience for an evening like no other.

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