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Sep 28, 2022

5 Reasons to Have Renters’ Insurance Living in Short-Term Rentals

Travel freely, and with peace of mind by opting in for renters’ insurance for short-term stays, to cover all of life’s “what -if?” moments. Many guests don’t realize that renter’s insurance isn’t included while staying in short-term housing. Here at Furnished Quarters, all guests have the option to easily enroll in renters’ insurance upon signing the lease. Renters insurance protects your most valuable belongings from loss, damage, or destruction from things like burglaries, fires, weather implications, and other covered events. These are our top 5 reasons why you need renters’ insurance for short-term rentals:

1. Protect your personal belongings.

Take inventory of your belongings. How you intend to replace the costly electronics you own – or the thousands of dollars worth of shoes and clothing you have? Personal belongings, and more, can be covered.

2. Liability coverage if someone is injured in your apartment rental.

Your dog bit a child, you had friends over for a party, and things took a turn for the worst, or perhaps someone tripped and fell inside your apartment. Rest easy, knowing you have coverage to protect yourself, and your assets.

3. You are not covered under Furnished Quarters.

Furnished Quarters is not responsible for the damage, or the loss of any personal items that you travel with. It remains the guest’s responsibility to insure their assets. Let’s face it, accidents happen, but unlike most policies, when you enroll in renter’s insurance through Furnished Quarters $15,000 worth of accidental damage is included.

4. You and your belongings are covered inside and outside of your apartment.

Not only are your belongings covered in-unit, but remain protected while enjoying all the amenities that your apartment complex has to offer. Protect what is yours from loss or theft from the moment you check-in, to the moment you check out.

5. Best of all – it’s affordable.

With the policy that is offered through Furnished Quarters, guests have the option to insure all their belongings, and their liability, with rates as low as $1.56/day. This policy includes personal belongings, insurance coverage, premise liability, accidental damage, and bedbug remediation.

Renter’s insurance covers your belongings – and you, whether that be in your Furnished Quarters apartment, car, or with you while on vacation. In addition, in the event, someone is injured in your home, or if you accidentally injure someone, renters’ insurance provides liability coverage. If your home-away-from-home for whatever reason becomes uninhabitable due to damages or other covered perils, your policy may even cover the cost associated with living somewhere else, food, and more. Here at Furnished Quarters, we have made the process as easy and seamless as possible for all of our guests – all you have to do is select “yes” when signing your lease to opt in for comprehensive renter’s insurance coverage.

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