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Moving During COVID-19? Your Questions, Answered

Life still happens in the midst of a pandemic. We’ve all put our lives on hold as much as possible, but sometimes, it’s still necessary to relocate. It’s also possible that COVID-19 has created a scenario in which you have little choice but to move. Whatever your reasoning, it’s a challenging and unusual time to […]


The 10 Best Apps to Help With Your Move in 2020

As they say, “there’s an app for that.” Over the years, moving hasn’t gotten any easier, but it’s more manageable than ever with the help of smartphones and their seemingly endless apps. You no longer have to rely on your own memory or skills to keep your move organized and take care of everything there […]


The Ultimate Relocation Checklist

It’s been said that nothing in the world can be certain except for death and taxes. In today’s day and age, this famous adage should also include relocation. Moving can be exciting, but as most of us know, it’s also stressful and overwhelming. Before, during and after the move, your to-do list will be overflowing […]


10 NYC Neighborhoods to Know When Relocating to New York

No machine-readable author provided. Roke~commonswiki assumed (based on copyright claims). [CC BY-SA] Moving to New York? An insider’s guide to your new playground Whether it’s for work or just to live in the center of the universe, one of the first things you’ll want to do is get to know the city’s top neighborhoods. What […]


All You Need to Know About Breaking a Lease

Rules are meant to be broken, they say, and the same could be said about leases. Signing a lease on a home or apartment is an exciting endeavor, but also a significant responsibility. As a legally binding contract, signing it means you’re responsible for paying the rent every month for a period of time. But […]


10 Ways to Reduce Stress During Your Move

A special guest blog by 10 Ways to Reduce Stress During Your Move Heaps of unlabeled cardboard boxes, packing tape that keeps sticking to itself, and broken dishes — the moving process is not necessarily a good time. But despite all the confusion and commotion, stress-free moving is possible when you execute some of our […]


A Few Simple Tips to Help You Organize Your Move

Moving is stressful, and there are only so many things we can do to make it less so. One thing we can do, though, is stay organized. Rather than throwing your belongings into boxes and calling it a day, it’s important to navigate the moving process with intention. In addition to helping with packing, unpacking […]


Moving Checklist for an Out-of-State Move

Moving is an exciting endeavor, but it’s also a stressful one that comes with a large checklist of to-do items. Make that an out-of-state move, and the list gets even longer. On top of the normal moving necessities like updating your address, forwarding your mail and boxing up your belongings, you’ll need to deal with […]


10 Easy Ways to Make Friends in a New City

Moving to a new city is an exciting way to get a fresh start and have a blank slate. That blank slate, however, often comes with a need to make friends and create a social network. Whether you’ve relocated temporarily or long-term, moving to a new city on your own can get lonely fast. Thankfully, […]


What You Can Negotiate in a Job Offer (Other Than Salary)

So you’ve received a job offer. Congratulations! You may be anxious to accept what’s presented in it right away, but remember that a job offer is the beginning of an important negotiation. In addition to salary, you can negotiate nearly anything in a job offer, from benefits to vacation time. Knowing this will help you […]

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