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Aug 29, 2018

When You Should Consider Short-Term Housing

Life throws us many different scenarios that can shake up our living situation. Sometimes a solution is easy and obvious, but other times there’s a need for more alternative accommodations. Temporary furnished housing, also called corporate housing, can be a wonderful option for many people with various needs dictated by their employment, health, family, home status and other predicaments. You may have thought it’s only for business travelers, but think again.

Here are a few scenarios in which to consider temporary housing options.

1. When you’re given a short-term work assignment

Sometimes work takes us to a different city on a short-term basis — perhaps a month or up to a year. This is all too familiar to those working in finance, entertainment, government and other seasonal, project-based industries. If this is you and you’re in charge of finding your own accommodations, you may want to opt for corporate housing. Temporary furnished apartments are cost-efficient and allow you to stay in a real apartment more suitable for living than a hotel.

2. When you’re relocating

Whatever your reason for relocating, finding a new place to live ranks high among moving-related stressors. To take some of the pressure off, you can stay in a temporary furnished apartment while you get settled and look for more permanent accommodations, or to “try out” a neighborhood before committing to it. Corporate housing operates on a month-to-month basis, so you won’t feel rushed in your home search.

3. When you’re a student or educator in need of off-campus housing

If you’re in need of off-campus housing but don’t want the hassles of a signing a lease, buying furniture or setting up utilities, temporary housing is a smart option. Utility costs are often fixed and built into the monthly rent, including WiFi, simplifying your housing costs. Additionally, you won’t have to commit to a lease that doesn’t coincide with the academic year.

4. When you’re renovating your home

Renovating your home is a huge undertaking, sometimes to the point where the house is temporarily unlivable. Rather than cramming your family into a hotel room, you can stay in a fully furnished apartment near your permanent home for as long as you need. That way, you and your brood can continue living life as usual until construction is complete.

5. When you need to be near a hospital or medical facility

Another common reason individuals choose temporary furnished housing is to be close to a medical facility while they or a loved one are receiving treatment. During such a time, having home-like accommodations is key. Many corporate housing providers have furnished apartments near major hospitals and other medical facilities just for this clientele. Medical residents and hospital employees make fitting candidates as well.

6. When you’re between leases or homes

It’s difficult to get the timing right when changing apartments or homes. Perhaps you’re between leases, or you sold your home and the new one you’re moving into isn’t ready yet. Fortunately, temporary housing is a seamless way to fill in such gaps in accommodations. It’ll keep you from having to live in a hotel or, perish the thought, stay with reluctant relatives.

7. When you’ve been temporarily displaced

Mother Nature is kind, but she can also be cruel to our towns, homes and possessions. If you’ve been displaced by a fire, earthquake, hurricane or other natural disaster, corporate housing can be your saving grace. Ask your insurance agent about temporary furnished housing options where you need them, or ask if the corporate housing company can work directly with your insurance provider.

8. When you’re vising or hosting family for an extended period of time

As joyous as it can be to visit family or have loved ones in town, the accommodations situation can be a challenge. It’s not always feasible, let alone pleasant, for everyone to stay under one roof — especially in a cramped city like New York. Renting a nearby furnished apartment is a great alternative, particularly for occasions like the arrival of a new baby or a holiday requiring room for everyone to gather. Say goodbye to pull-out beds, crowded bathrooms and having too many cooks in the kitchen.

Whatever your scenario, Furnished Quarters has over 20 years of experience providing businesses and individuals all over the world with short-term corporate housing. Search our furnished apartments today or explore the many industries we serve.

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