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Accounting & Consultant Travel Housing

Business Apartment Rentals for Accountants and Consultants

Your success as a financial specialist shouldn’t depend solely on your company’s physical location. As new opportunities pop up with companies across the globe, it’s worth offering your services to companies in need of your financial expertise. While business travel often opens the door to new professional paths, it can be prohibitively expensive. For over two decades, we have helped accountants and consultants find temporary housing during important audits, training programs, and other special initiatives that may require in-person collaboration.

The longer you’re away, the more Furnished Quarters can help you save money, time, and stress. The right business travel accommodation is the one that keeps you and your travel companions comfortable, safe, and in a great location. Our fully stocked residences ensure proximity to the reason you traveled in the first place—appealing areas and access to new business opportunities that make your home-away-from-home as comfortable as possible.

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Furnished Quarters residences are located in leading cities in the US and around the world.
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