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Oct 3, 2023

Furnished Quarters Hires New Vice President of Operations, Jacy Sharbaugh

(New York, NY) October 3, 2023 – Furnished Quarters, the largest independently owned and operated provider of global temporary housing, is excited to announce that Jacy Sharbaugh has officially joined Furnished Quarters as the new Vice President of Operations.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona and a graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Jacy brings an impressive 30 years in the hospitality industry to Furnished Quarters. With a proven track record in operations, Jacy boasts a further 20 years in operational roles across diverse environments, including mega resorts, casinos, multi-family, and corporate housing stemming from Las Vegas to New York.

Jacy’s passion for the hospitality industry lies in his vision of enhancing the overall guest experience, making each stay unforgettable.

On his new role as Vice President of Operations, Jacy stated:

“I look forward to collaborating with our talented team and leveraging both my passion and experience to help continue to drive innovation, service, and enhance efficiency at Furnished Quarters.”

Beyond the office, Jacy is a dedicated martial artist with over a decade of experience. He underwent specialized training in Okinawa, Japan, where he had the distinction of training with all the island’s 9th-degree blackbelts. He’s also a fervent sports enthusiast, thriving on competition and excellence.

Furnished Quarters is proud to welcome Jacy to its team of industry experts.

About Furnished Quarters

Furnished Quarters is the largest independently owned and operated supplier of global temporary housing, offering over 100,000 fully furnished apartments in more than 800 cities around the world. The company, established in 1998 in New York City by brothers Steven and Gary Brown, currently serves more than 5,500 clients, ranging from top Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses. To learn more about Furnished Quarters, visit www.furnishedquarters.com.

Furnished Quarters is the premier supplier of short-term housing and an accredited LGBTQ+ diverse, privately owned and operated company.

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