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Oct 30, 2017

How to Find the Perfect Place to Work While Traveling

In the age of laptops, tablets, smartphones and accessible WiFi, working while traveling is simpler than ever. Whether it’s a hotel room, coffee shop, airport lounge or beachside hammock, the office can be almost anywhere. This is great news for business travelers, but when visiting a new or unfamiliar city, the options can be overwhelming.  Finding a quiet place to work is crucial, as is having a few alternatives should you need a change of scenery.

Here are some of the best places to work while traveling for business.

1. Coffee shop

Coffee shops provide a cozy, intimate space to plug in your laptop, connect to WiFi, caffeinate and get some work done. You can make phone calls if necessary or even meet with clients or colleagues. Remember to be courteous by purchasing coffee and sharing your table with other customers.

Pros: Ability to talk and make calls; coffee and food available
Cons: Can get crowded and noisy

2. Public library

For those who need a quiet place to work while traveling, the local public library is the place to go. If you need to perform research, even better: you’ll be surrounded by resources and knowledgeable staff to help you find what you’re looking for. Just remember to put your phone on silent and step outside to conduct phone calls.

Pros: Abundant resources; helpful staff; peace and quiet; office supplies and equipment available; no pressure to spend money
Cons: Limited hours; no food and drink allowed; inability to talk on the phone or hold meetings

3. Bookstore

Bookstores are another excellent place to work while traveling.  Like libraries, bookstores often have comfortable sitting areas, free WiFi and maybe a few power outlets. As an added bonus, many of them also have an onsite café where you can grab a coffee and snack. They tend to be quiet but not too quiet, ideal for those who dislike working in complete silence. As with coffee shops, you’ll want to make a purchase each time you visit to avoid loitering.

Pros: Moderate noise levels; onsite café often available
Cons: WiFi and power outlets not always available

4. Hotel room or business center

If you’re staying in a hotel and your room has a desk, by all means, work from there. You’ll have complete privacy and control over your surroundings, allowing you to create your ideal work environment. The hotel’s business center is another option, which will often be equipped with a print/scan/copy machine.

Pros: Privacy; control; convenience
Cons: Isolation; monotony; distractions

5. Corporate apartment

If you are fortunate enough to be staying at a corporate apartment, they can be an excellent place to get some work done while traveling. Unlike a hotel room, a corporate apartment—furnished apartment rented to business travelers for temporary stays—is more like a home away from home. It will often come with a desk or work area as well as a fully equipped kitchen, so you can prepare coffee and meals throughout the day. Just keep in mind that corporate housing is a longer-term solution, often requiring a minimum stay.

Pros: Privacy; control; convenience; reliable WiFi included; kitchen access
Cons: Isolation; monotony; distractions

6. Co-working space

The co-working trend is here to stay, with companies like WeWork offering shared office space all over the United States. If you need somewhere to work while traveling for at least a month, consider a membership at one of these facilities. If a private office isn’t feasible, a basic membership granting access to a communal working space may be available. Co-working spaces often host social events and provide networking opportunities, giving you a much-needed sense of community while traveling for business.

Pros: Real office environment; sense of community; membership perks like local discounts
Cons: Cost; availability can be limited; not a short-term solution

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