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Aug 28, 2015

Three Ways To Increase Your Wellness At Work

Whether it’s compulsive snacking, adding extra sugar to that coffee or not moving front of your work computer, health and wellness aren’t always top of mind in the workplace. And it’s even more challenging when you’re constantly hopping on a plane or train to a business meeting. Here are 3 simple healthy office tips that can benefit your wellbeing overtime.


Stuck at your desk all day? Staying healthy at work starts with moving around. Give yourself an opportunity to stand up and get away from your desk. Maybe that means setting a timer on your phone to stand up, stretch and walk around for a few minutes. How about talking a walk outside to grab lunch instead or ordering in. We all get busy, but a little fresh air and blood circulation does the mind and body well.

Food & Drink

Snacking habits are hard to break. Some snack to alleviate stress and others struggle to find the time in the day to enjoy a proper meal. Instead of chips or chocolates, indulge in something light that will help maintain your energy like blueberries or almonds. Healthy snacks are especially important if there is hardly any physical activity in your work day. Preparing lunches at home or in the kitchen of your corporate apartment can make it easier to monitor your food intake and eat meals that feel healthier and that will help you achieve overall wellness at work. If you have the time, take your premade lunch to a nearby park

Mental Clarity

It’s no secret that work can be stressful. However, with a little effort you can achieve a more peaceful and relaxed state. Remember to breathe. Don’t wait until a particularly tense moment to be cognizant of your breathing—stay calm with a steady flow of oxygen throughout the day.

Be Prepared!

Preparedness is a wonderful stress relief and it becomes critical for the business traveler. Establishing a clear to-do list can leave you less flustered and experience a smoother day. If you feel anxiety about a particular assignment, collect your thoughts and speak with your supervisor. Show that you’re ready to work hard and better understand the task at hand.  Staying healthy at work entails you try to leave work at work.  We all have the right to enjoy family, friends and personal time. Finding ways to simplify to-dos and increase efficiency will create a calmer, healthier headspace.

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