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Mar 8, 2016

Top Apps to Learn a New Language

Whether you’re a frequent international business traveler or simply want to learn something new during your commute to work, conquering a language is always an accomplishment to be proud of. Here are four apps that can help you communicate with people all over the world:


Duolingo is the perfect app for diving right in a foreign language. It won’t make you a fluent speaker if you’re starting from scratch, but it’s a fun way to learn the basics while traveling for business. Set personal goals like achieving a high score or surpassing a difficult level, or take a relaxed approach and play the mini games to sharpen you skills whenever you have some downtime.


The MindSnacks apps are another enjoyable tool. The company offers a wide range of free apps specific to the language you’re trying to learn—Spanish, French, Japanese and more. Like Duolingo, the apps provide light games that users look forward to rather than be intimidated by. After all, languages aren’t easy to master.

iTranslate Voice

This app is phenomenal to learn a new language. If you didn’t find time to learn the basics of a particular language, iTranslate Voice is here to save the day. With the app is open, speak a word or sentence in your native language. The app will then playback what you spoke in any language of your choosing.

Google Translate

You’ve probably used this on your desktop computer, but have you tried the app? Google Translate app is effective and packed with cool features. With 90 languages available for text translation, the app is ready for all of your world travels. On top of that, the app has built in photo recognition capabilities. Use your camera to take a picture of a local sign and the app can instantly translate it into 26 different languages.

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