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Jan 29, 2015

Want to Relocate for a Job? Here’s What You Should Know

In some cases, to get the job you want, it may be necessary to relocate. At other times, you may want to move to a new location, and thus be proactively seeking work in a specific part of the country. According to data from Robert Half, 62% of workers in the United States would be willing to relocate for the right opportunity.

Whatever your reason for considering relocating for a job, there are steps you can take to make this complex process a little easier.

Research your prospective destinations

Before deciding to make the move to any new locale for work, it’s important to understand the lay of the land at the location in which you’re interested. Certain urban areas, like New York City and Boston, have many different boroughs or neighborhoods that might be a good fit as your new home. But without doing any research on how they differ, it can be difficult as an outsider to make smart choices. Partnering with an expert in the market, such as a corporate housing provider, can help you more quickly and efficiently determine the location that’s right for you before relocating for a job.

Start networking

If you have a target location for your job search, reach out to professionals in your field who may help you land a position in your desired city. Use company websites or social media pages to identify contacts, or ask your professional network for introductions to those in your wider network who may have job leads. Company profiles on professional websites like LinkedIn may also be a source of networking opportunities in a particular location or industry.

Update your resume

Local candidates have certain advantages over those who would need to relocate for a job because they’re already settled in the same location as the company. Many employers prefer local candidates because of the ease of interviewing them on short notice, and believe that local hires would require less time and expense to get started and ramp up. To overcome any perceived deficit as a relocating job seeker, you need to create a top-notch resume to convince employers that you’re the perfect person for the job. Spend time studying each position that you apply to, and tailor your resume specifically to that position. Emphasize the skills that are the best match for the job in both your resume and cover letter.

Consider furnished housing

Among other tips for job seekers on overcoming the stigma of the candidate who lives out of the area is to become a local – temporarily. Booking a short-term rental or other furnished apartment during your job search can give you the advantages of a local, including a local address that’s really yours for the duration of the rental. Committing to a short-term stay in a furnished apartment also shows employers that you’re serious about your move to their city. You’ll also avoid having to travel to interviews when you’re based locally, and can arrive refreshed rather than jetlagged, which can improve your chances of performing well. What’s more, if you land the job, you’ll be well-positioned in a corporate apartment to start your search for permanent housing.

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