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Oct 14, 2015

Reasons to Visit the Historic Boston Common

Whether you find yourself in Boston for business or leisure purposes, the Boston Common is a must-see attraction in downtown Boston.  The park, —also known as “the Common”—is truly incredible by many standards. Not only is it the oldest park in the country (dating back from 1634), but is also nearly 50 acres in size. Located at the southern end of the Freedom Trail, the Boston Common public park is part of the Emerald Necklace and anchors numerous parks that wind through Boston’s charming neighborhoods.

Not Just a Park

Throughout its history, the Common has been used for various purposes. During the 1630s, families used it as a cow pasture. Later, the British used it as a camp before the American Revolutionary War. Many years after, hundreds of people gathered on the Common to protest the Vietnam War in the 1960s. Since then, numerous groundbreaking moments have contributed to the park’s rich history. All the more reason to add it to the list of top attractions in downtown Boston!

Boston Common Today

Today, Boston Common is used for both formal and informal gatherings. Concerts, ice-skating, and softball games are a few activities that occur in this iconic landmark. It’s the perfect place to relax, appreciate the beauty of Boston, and take in the scenery. Whether you want to host a picnic in the park or  get hands on with history at the Common, the sculptures, lush landscaping, pond, and other unique elements make the Common a must-visit when you’re in the Boston area.

Considering Extending Your Stay in Boston?

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