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Aug 6, 2015

Fun Things to Check Out Around Harvard Square

Harvard Square is one of the Boston/Cambridge area’s many gems. It’s bustling with students, locals and tourists who wish to explore its enriching surroundings. If you’re staying close by, and looking for things to do in Harvard Square, consider these great activities for you and/or your family to try when visiting Cambridge, MA.

Walk Around

It’s as simple as that. Harvard Square contains a number of sites, shops, and restaurants worth admiring from a leisurely stroll. Check out Newbury Comics to find rare vinyl records. Need coffee and a light bite? Go to Crema Café and try the quiche. For the history buffs, notable sites and monuments are all around. Cambridge Common features displays with ties to the Revolutionary War. Harvard University has continued to make its mark since founded in 1636. Take your time, navigate the community and bask in its collegiate environment.

Harvard Natural History Museum

If you like your history a bit more contained, don’t wait to visit the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Fascinating exhibits provide a look into the region’s past, present and future. Learn about the extinction of the passenger pigeon, witness honeybees in action and more. Museum admission is only $12 for adults and provides access to all exhibits. Hours are 9am to 5pm, daily.

Activities in Cambridge, MA: Charles River

The Charles River is both beautiful to look at and useful to enjoy. It’s popular for its warm weather water activities such as rowing and sailing. Paths lining the river are excellent for running or biking. If you’re around in June, become a spectator to the Hong Kong Boston Dragon Boat Festival. The location offers serene sights and a peaceful getaway. The best part? It’s only a short walk from Harvard Square.

The Square thrives because of its charming community essence and youthful livelihood. It’s easy to reach other parts of Cambridge and Boston as well, so take another day to see and try more activities in Cambridge, MA or Boston.

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