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May 17, 2017

The Best Travel Apps for Easy Trip Planning

Relaxation, sightseeing, authentic cuisine and interesting people — well-deserved trips are truly satisfying. However, any new adventure involves a little pre-planning, so we’ve rounded up the best travel apps designed to help. Consider these five resources before your next journey.

Hipmunk Travel Search

Booking flights, hotels or car rentals — Hipmunk does it all. The trip planner app simplifies the search process and compares all major accommodation providers, ensuring users quickly find the best price. Its Apple and Android apps are free and easy to use.

Your airline’s app

Your departure date has arrived. Save time at the airport by checking in on your airline’s app — up to 24 hours in advance. Then, scan your mobile ticket at the gate and board the plane as normal. Delta, American, United, Jet Blue and other industry leaders all have apps that function similarly. Other app benefits include monitoring flight times or changing seats.


Some travelers prefer to play everything by ear. Others need peace of mind with their plans mapped out by the day or even the hour. If you’re the second type of traveler, try TripIt, a streamlined app for trip planning. Organizing an itinerary is a breeze with features such as smartphone calendar compatibility and multi-device support. TripIt is available on mobile, tablet, desktop and even the Apple Watch.

Trail Wallet  

We all love travel, but it doesn’t come without a cost. Stick to your budget with Trail Wallet — a smartphone app with detailed expense graphs, currency conversions for over 200 countries and much more. Trail Wallet is only available for Apple devices.

Guides by Lonely Planet

Stay like a local. Download Guides by Lonely Planet to discover “the best of” in every major city. Within the app, simply tap on any location and explore top hotels, sights, shopping, dining and entertainment. Available in the App Store or Google Play, Guides by Lonely Planet now features over 100 destinations.

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