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Feb 10, 2017

Car Service Apps to Use in New York City

In a city with over 8.4 million residents and 50 million yearly tourists, the demand for convenient transportation in New York City is clear. We’ve tested 5 well-established and emerging rideshare apps in NYC to help you cut through the clutter. Find out more about Juno, Via, Gett, Uber, and Lyft and which of these apps is right for you!


Navigate the city for as low as $5 plus tax with Via. Experience black car service with leather seating and friendly drivers.  You’ll share the ride with fellow commuters, but consider it an opportunity to meet new people! Via operates in Manhattan south of 125th Street as well as Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn and JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Airports.


Newer to the ridesharing market in NYC, Juno promises it treats drivers better and their drivers treat you better. It works similarly to other popular apps—set up a profile with your payment information, enter your pickup location and a driver arrives within minutes. View a fare estimate directly within the app so you know what you’ll be paying. Even better? For a limited time, NYC riders receive 10% off each trip.


Another on demand car service app in New York —Gett stands by “no surge pricing” and sufficient availability for quick pickups. Request a car on-the-go or pre-book for later. The increasingly popular app is available for modern Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.


We’ve all heard of Uber, but did you know uberPOOL provides a cheaper commute? Like Via, uberPOOL means sharing rides with strangers; however, getting to and from work for as little as $3 is hard to pass up.  Save costs 24/7 as uberPOOL operates around the clock in all five Manhattan boroughs.


Lyft is another car service app widely recognized by name, along with its signature magenta branding. LyftLine is Lyft’s answer to uberPOOL, and both are relatively similar. You’ll enjoy lower fares and rapid pickups all over New York City.  Ultimately, it comes down to preference. Other options include the standard Lyft which seats up to four people, Lyft Plus which seats six and Premier, a higher end car accommodates four.

Want to Learn More about Navigating New York City?

If ride share services aren’t for you, go with the classic New York subway. Check out our top five tips for riding the like a pro as well as our article on easing the transition to NYC for relocating families.

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