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Sep 3, 2015

Relocation Tips: How to Beat the Moving Blues

Leaving the place you called home is no easy feat, especially if you’ve been surrounded by friends, family and your community. For any reason you move to a new city—work, personal or other—keep these few relocation tips in mind to alleviate the transition and stay away from the moving blues!

Start with the Kids

Moving to another state or country is always stressful, and the burden is heavier when the entire family is relocating. On top of your own worries about the move, children need adjusting too. Discovering extracurricular activities at school or in the community will help connect your son or daughter with new friends and a reoccurring hobby. If it’s not a great fit, try something else. As long as it’s healthy and constructive, stay open minded about what your child wants to do. The less difficulty associated with your child’s adjustment, the more time you’ll have to feel better and process this life change.

Involve Yourself

For work-related moving, full days in the office should keep the mind busy. After work, explore your neighborhood and make a note of places to visit or restaurants to try. Consider finding a local Meetup group that’s based around your interests. If it all feels too ambitious, get to know your coworkers in the breakroom during morning coffee or lunch. You might discover a happy hour companion in no time—or at least a friendly work acquaintance you’ll count on to say “hello.”  ​

Figure out the Logistics

Moving anxiety often stems from logistical readjustment, especially when moving to another state, across the country or overseas. Who’s the best doctor in the area? What day is trash collected? What’s the quickest route to work? Where can I find a good baby sitter? Within the first week of moving, make a list consisting of any of these types of questions you can think of. When you feel satisfied with your list, start working through it. It’s better to know this information so that you can focus on the primary reasons for your move as you settle in.

Stay in Touch

Communication is key to beat the moving blues. Thanks to technology, staying in touch has never been easier. What was once a letter, became a telephone call, then an on-the-go mobile call and now live video chatting wherever you have a cell or Wi-Fi connection. Schedule time to speak with family and close friends to maintain a positive involvement in each other’s lives. Build mutual excitement by planning a return visit and know that you are only a phone call or flight away.

Furnished Quarters Can Make Your Relocation Easier

Check out more relocation tips on our blog. And if you’re looking for a short-term rental to help you transition to your new life and new neighborhood.  For more information about our corporate housing services, contact us at 888. 871. 3446.

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