4 Ways Realtors Can Benefit by Partnering with Corporate Housing Providers

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Hey real estate agents! Want to make some extra money and help solidify your relationships with your clients? Many providers of temporary furnished housing partner closely and non-competitively with realtors. The realtor collects extra fees while helping their clients find short-term housing when they are in between homes. You’ve probably encountered such a situation with your clients when they’ve had closing delays, renovations, construction hold-ups or other reasons to need a temporary place to live.

Here are four of the financial and business benefits real estate agents typically receive by collaborating with corporate housing providers.

1. Commission for referrals

Corporate housing providers typically offer a 5% commission to licensed realtors for each referral. During slower times of year, extra incentives may be offered.

2. Preferential rates

Depending on the length of stay, corporate housing providers can offer real estate agents preferential rates to pass along to their clients.

3. Seamless booking

Once a real estate agent provides the serviced apartment company with their client’s name and information, the provider will handle the entire booking process from start to finish, linking it back to the agent and paying the agent a referral fee. You can stay closely involved, or let the corporate housing provider fulfill your client’s needs so you can focus on helping them buy, sell or rent a home. If you prefer the latter, corporate housing specialists will tour your clients through their properties on your behalf, and the next time you hear from them will be when you receive a check after your client has successfully booked.

4. Business referrals

As an added thank you to real estate agent partners, corporate housing providers often refer business to them. For example, many have clients who are moving to the United States from abroad, and temporary housing companies like to refer them to brokers when these clients begin looking for a permanent home.

When it comes to selecting the right temporary furnished housing provider to partner with, it’s important to choose a provider with a great track record. Furnished Quarters has rapidly expanded from its roots in New York real estate to include substantial inventory in New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. With local relationships, a strict selection process and pricing coordinated through one dedicated team, we offer everything your clients may need when it comes to finding the right temporary furnished housing solution. Contact Furnished Quarters at 212.367.9400 or visit furnishedquarters.com if you’re interested.