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Jan 5, 2017

What You Need to Know About New York City’s Second Avenue Subway

2017 brings great news for Upper East Side residents and visitors. NYC’s Second Avenue subway is now open—a highly anticipated Q train extension. Three new stations are at 72nd, 86th and 96th Streets along Second Avenue between First and Third Avenues. Headed downtown, the Q train can take you as far as Coney Island, Brooklyn with stops at Central Park, Times Square, Canal Street, Barclays Center and other popular destinations along the route.

New train stations aren’t a regular occurrence—these Second Avenue additions have been discussed for nearly 100 years—yes, 100! That’s why it’s no surprise New Yorkers were lining up to experience the some of the first rides. TV crews were also present to document the historic occasion.

Enjoy the Art!

Aside from convenience of the East Side subway—the stations are beautiful too. On the walls at the 86th Street station you’ll fine stunning mosaics by acclaimed artist Chuck Close. These works of art depict the diversity of New York City and are worth admiring in your spare time. At the 96th Street station, enjoy wall art by artist Sarah Sze titled “Blueprint for a Landscape.”

Want more information on NYC’s Second Avenue subway? Visit mta.info for a complete run down on the improved Q train service. New to NYC transit? Check out our top tips for riding the New York City subway like a pro.

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Images courtesy of MTA/Flickr.

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