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Aug 13, 2015

New York Tips: Five Ways to Get Around NYC

New York City can feel like a huge place, but it’s actually quite easy to get around. Whether you prefer privacy on your commute, nice views, or the cheapest option on the block, NYC has it all when it comes to transportation. Here are 5 ways to get around when visiting New York.


Seasoned New Yorkers and first-time tourists alike use the subway. Why? It runs 24/7 and is an inexpensive, relatively quick way to get around New York City—especially if you’re traveling to different boroughs where cab fares can cost a pretty penny. You can purchase a MetroCard at any station, and most machines accept credit cards. A single ride is $2.75 and you can usually transfer trains without having to pay again en route to your destination.


Taking the bus is another economical way of getting around New York City, which is also a flat $2.75 per ride. You can use your MetroCard or cash for the bus, but be warned: bus drivers won’t make change and don’t accept dollar bills. Bonus about the bus: you can transfer to another bus or the subway for free, as long as your transfer is within a two-hour time span. And since it’s above ground, you’ll get better service on your smartphone!


Just like on NYC postcards, the concrete jungle is flooded with yellow taxicabs. Grabbing a taxi is the best option for privacy and if you aren’t too familiar with the subway or bus routes (yet!).

New York Tips on Cabbies

After hailing a cab, simply tell the driver where you want to go by mentioning the cross streets. If a cabbie claims they don’t know how to get somewhere or that they can’t take you to your destination, ask for their name and medallion number to report them to the Taxi and Limousine Commission. Cab drivers are required by law to take you anywhere within the five boroughs and a few other counties.


Uber is perfect for when you need a lift and there aren’t any cabs around – or even if you want to plan the ride a few minutes in advance. Uber connects people to drivers through its app, available for download on the iPhone and Android. Simply tap to set your pickup location on the map via the app, request your ride, and enter your destination. Uber also allows you to get an estimate of what your trip will cost before you request it.


With more and more bike lanes and the addition of Citi Bike, NYC’s first bike-sharing program, New York is quickly becoming a city you can easily get around in by bike. Citi Bike allows you to rent a bike throughout the city 24/7, or a lot of bike shops will even rent bikes by the day or hour. Just be sure to brush up on biking guidelines if you plan on visiting New York by bike. For a bike map, visit NYC.gov.

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