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Dec 14, 2016

How to Grocery Shop in New York City

“Wait, I can’t just walk over a few avenues to the supermarket?” Sure, you could, but grocers and other food services understand the vast ways busy New Yorkers grocery shop. The spontaneity of bustling city life can change a planned grocery store visit to an impromptu happy hour with colleagues or last minute concert.  What this means is simple—we need options for stocking our fridge and pantry, and in a major metropolis like New York City, we have them. Here are a few NYC grocery shopping tips.

1. Online Grocery Shopping in NYC

The end result is similar to traditional in-store shopping; you buy the ingredients needed and whip up a homemade meal. The difference is grocery delivery provides its own conveniences. Services like FreshDirect can deliver to your home at a time you select so you, a friend or your doorman can be ready to accept your fresh goods. You also avoid the crowded NYC streets.  Let’s face it, having your arms full of heavy groceries at a congested intersection isn’t much fun. Want another benefit? Choose everything you need online or in the services’ smartphone app. You’ll find that using a website’s search bar is simpler than hunting around the store for a tiny bottle of vanilla extract. Delivery.com is also a great option for NYC grocery shopping, with more of a focus on local, independent grocers. This helpful site also provides alcohol and restaurant delivery, as well as laundry and dry cleaning services.

Want to shop from your typical go-tos such as Whole Foods, Target and Costco? All of these favorites use Instacart—a service that delivers groceries to your Big Apple abode in just one hour. Here’s a tip: all new Instacart shoppers receive free delivery on their first order.

2. 24-Hour Bodegas

It’s 6AM and you’re headed to the gym, but need a couple of bananas to make a healthy smoothie. In the suburbs, most just have to “make it work” with what’s presently in their kitchen.  In NYC, finding those bananas before sunrise shouldn’t be a problem. Search online to discover around-the-clock bodegas in your neighborhood. Also, if you’re ever in need of a quick bite, Bodegas are usually good for cheap breakfast sandwiches or lunch subs too.

3. Prepared Meals

We’ve all been there. The work day was exhausting, there was a disruption on the train and the last thing you want to think about is making a complicated dinner, followed by a grueling cleanup. Restaurant delivery is an option, but the habit can become expensive and unhealthy. What’s the solution? Prepared meals. There are even companies that send you the recipe’s exact measured ingredients with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. This can be fun when you’re feeling energized and ready to impress with a delicious dish! Other services such as Munchery do the work for you. Pick from any of their nutritious dinner selections and have it same-day delivered. You can then heat the dish right away with a microwave or oven, or store it for later in the week. Either way, rest assured that it’s freshly made on the date ordered and preparation/clean-up is a breeze.

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