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Mar 26, 2015

Business Travelers: 5 Tips to Stay Healthy on the Road

Corporate travelers face an obstacle course of dietary drawbacks. They’re continuously around airport lounges and bars, meeting clients for steak dinners and ordering delivery in the wee hours of the night. Yes, these things make business travel bearable, but they also account for an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. If you’re a fellow frequent business traveler looking to stay healthy during business trips, look no further. Here are our five best business travel tips to help you stay healthy.

Keep it natural

You wouldn’t normally grab a donut or an oversized muffin for breakfast at home, so don’t do it when you’re traveling. There are always apples or bananas at the airport or local deli. Pair a high-protein food such as almonds with fruit to pass up the processed foods when you kick-start your day. Natural foods will keep you feeling full longer, so you’ll eat less later on, too.

Flying to your next meeting? Drink p!

No, not that kind of drinking! Consuming alcohol and caffeinated beverages is easy to do with abandon when you’re in-flight. Try to stick to water when flying. The low humidity and recirculating air in the cabin is already dehydrating, which can lead to fatigue. So instead of getting that glass of wine or cocktail, opt for H20.

Work it out

Try to maintain your regular exercise schedule that you have at home. The majority of Furnished Quarters’ buildings have gyms, so being active can easily be part of your everyday routine. Even better, multitask and get some sightseeing in while you’re traveling by running or walking outside.

Take time to eat

Plan your meals ahead of time so you don’t ditch your diet. Wake up early to start your day with breakfast, take your time eating so you don’t overcompensate with big portions later, and always make time to have a healthy meal so you don’t grab processed and calorie-dense foods.

Hone in the happy hours

Whether you’re partaking in a conference happy hour or enjoying a toast at dinner, make drinks with colleagues about networking, not drinking. Not only do alcohol calories add up quickly, but too much alcohol with colleagues isn’t always the best idea. Enjoy one or two drinks and then switch to sparkling water.

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