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Mar 3, 2015

Best Business Travel Tips for the Frequent Traveler

Corporate travel is a reality many employees face across the globe. The journey can be a thrill for some, but exhausting for others. As a frequent business traveler, be prepared for long days, back-to-back meetings and time spent adjusting to your new surroundings. Follow these simple business travel tips and you’ll be able to feel the best you can about your upcoming trip.

Pace yourself

If you’ve read our post on Tips to Help You Sleep on Business Travel, you know how important rest can be for staying alert on the road. A lack of sleep will hinder your productivity and make the days feel longer. Make sure your brain is functioning at its best for that 3pm client meeting – you’ll thank yourself later. Assess your stress levels to get an idea of what you can do to reduce them. This could mean taking a walk during your lunch break or watching an episode of your favorite show before bed. Remind yourself that you’re entitled to a life outside of work. Take part in an activity that aligns with your interests, but doesn’t lower your mental and physical capabilities for the following workday.

Be prepared

Be ready for any plausible scenario. You won’t waste time heading out to find a new phone charger if you pack a spare, or scramble at 7am figuring out what to wear if you set out your clothes the night before. Creating a list of your needs before and during your trip will save you time, money and energy. Consider these suggestions of things to do in advance to feel more prepared:

  • Write your to-do list before leaving the office so it’s already there for you the next morning. You’ll be able to dive right in.
  • If you’re traveling to a new location, practice your commute ahead of time so you won’t be flustered the day of.
  • Check the weather forecast before packing for your trip.
  • Put together a light schedule of after-work activities, but be mindful of any late night obligations. You do deserve some downtime.
  • Pack extra essentials. Whether it’s toothpaste or extra copies of your presentation, start your day knowing you have what you need.

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