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Jul 7, 2015

Five Workout Tips to Stay in Shape on the Road

Traveling for business doesn’t mean you have to break your daily workout routine. However, when you’re staying in a corporate apartment, a cardio-intense exercise or strength training can be hard to do. You don’t have the normal equipment you may have at your permanent home and your neighbors probably won’t appreciate your daily jump roping, so we rounded up a few exercises you can actually do in a corporate housing environment.  Here are 5 travel workout exercises to stay healthy while you’re away from home:

Elevated Lunge – butt & thighs

  • Begin by placing the top of your left foot on a chair and keep your right leg straight.
  • Bend your right knee, engage your left glute, and make sure your knee stays directly over your ankle when you lower your hips.
  • Straighten your right leg and rise back to starting position. Repeat to feel the burn!

Toe-Touch Crunch – abs

  • Lie on your back and reach your arms behind you while you point your legs toward the ceiling.
  • Swing your arms toward the ceiling while lifting your head and shoulders off the ground to touch your thighs.
  • Repeat.

Table Rows – back, biceps & abs

  • A 3-in-1 travel workout exercise that is perfect for the corporate traveler constantly jumping from one plane to another or enduring back-to-back meetings in a conference room!  Slide under a sturdy table or low bar and hold on to the ledge. Pull yourself up toward the tabletop.

Heel Kicks – hips & quads

  • Bend both elbows to a 90-degree angle. Stand on your right foot as you kick your left heel back toward your butt and bring your right arm forward.
  • Drive your right elbow backward and bring your left arm forward as you hop to your left foot and kick your right heel back to your butt.
  • Continue to alternate arms and legs.

Dolphin Plank – abs

  • Start in a plank position on your forearms with your hands clasped together. Press down through your shoulders and arms as you lift your hips up to the ceiling and your chest back toward your feet.
  • Keep your abs tight as you lower back into plank position. Repeat… and feel fry to rearrange these great travel workout exercises!

Looking for additional business travel tips?

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