5 Ways to Make Your Corporate Housing More Homey

While staying in corporate housing is a smart solution to a short-term stay, it’s sometimes a challenge to make your new space feel like it’s really yours. Living in a corporate apartment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the comfort of having a cozy home or not infuse your personal style into your space. These five simple solutions will make your corporate home feel more like yours so you can really enjoy your home away from home. 

When Short-Term Apartment Rhymes with Home


This may be obvious, but sometimes you do have to sweat the small stuff. As soon as you move into your short-term apartment, unpack everything. The sooner you unpack, the more you’ll start to feel like you’re at home. Nothing says temporary like living out of a suitcase, so unpacking should be the first on your to-do list once you move in.


It’s all about the lighting. You don’t have to necessarily upgrade the light fixtures to soften up the lighting in your corporate housing. Simply swap overhead lights for your own floor lamps to give rooms a warmer, more welcoming glow. Another way to personalize lighting is to decorate with string lights or wall lights for a cozier atmosphere.

Soft Touches

Adding textiles and fabric into your space is one of the easiest and most economical ways to add color and softness to your short-term apartment. Window treatments, pillows, and rugs warm up a room and add personality to any space. Investing in some throw blankets, decorative pillows, or brightly colored towels is an easy way to upgrade your space.

Go Green

Who says you have to have a yard to embrace plants and flowers? Keeping plants in your temporary apartment will liven up your space. And for small spaces, hanging plants can be a space saver while creating an airy feel to your apartment. Small cacti or terrariums can also fit several smaller potted greens in corporate housing.


After you’ve added personal touches to your corporate apartment, simply enjoy your living space. Stock up on your usual groceries so you can cook in your kitchen, pick up your favorite candles to bring in your favorite scents to your new place, or even host a get together with friends and family. Your home is your safe space—a place to relax—and after you’ve made it yours, it’s time to soak in and enjoy the space.

Looking for Corporate Housing?

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