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Jan 21, 2015

Reasons to Stay in a Furnished Rental for Business Travel

When traveling for business, where do you stay? If you answered “a hotel,” it may be time to rethink your options. Whether you call them corporate apartments, furnished apartments or extended-stay rentals, short-term housing can offer significant advantages to business travelers and employers alike. Here are some of those advantages.

Cost advantages

Corporate apartments can be more economical than hotels, particularly for longer business trips. The corporate housing rates at Furnished Quarters, for example, are on average 30-50 percent less than upscale hotels. This can help employers defray the costs of corporate travel while at the same time offering employees larger accommodations with business-specific amenities to help them get their work done.

Value added

In direct comparisons of average hotel rooms versus temporary furnished housing, we’ve found that a one-bedroom furnished short-term rental generally offers a minimum of double the square footage you’d get in a hotel. This can be important for business travelers, allowing them the room they need to be comfortable on the job. For those bringing a spouse or kids along when traveling for business , furnished apartments even offer two- or three-bedroom options at rates dramatically less than you’d pay for multiple rooms in a luxury hotel.

Free WiFi

It’s nearly impossible to do business on the road without high-speed Internet access, yet many hotels still charge for a basic WiFi connection. Guests at corporate housing, on the other hand, enjoy free WiFi via a wireless router. Local calls are also “on the house” in corporate apartments, which can save business travelers a bundle over hotels that charge a surprisingly high rate for any outside line.

In-house eating options

A major expense incurred on most business trips is room service and/or dining out. When you stay in a hotel, your options to do anything else are limited, since your accommodations only include bed and bath. Short-term furnished rental housing, however, offers guests a fully equipped, full-sized kitchen right in their residence. Business travelers can fill up their fridge and cook meals whenever they choose, creating healthier options while saving on their budget.

A lot like home

One reason why an increasing number of business travelers prefer corporate housing to hotel stays is that furnished apartments provide an authentic residential experience, which can feel a lot like home. In addition to the layout of the apartment with multiple rooms and full amenities, temporary furnished housing also generally offers fringe benefits to guests. At Furnished Quarters, for example, guests enjoy special discounts on local products and services, from grocery delivery to car service. Such discounts can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings over the course of an average business trip.

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