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Mar 3, 2016

4 Helpful Apps to Sell Your Stuff

Whether you’re relocating and want to travel with less, declutter your current environment or just make a little money, it’s satisfying to sell things you no longer have use for. Simplify the process with these four mobile apps to sell your stuff – just a few clicks away!


We all know eBay, but have you seen how intuitive and user friendly the mobile app is? The days of connecting your camera to your computer just to add photos to your listing are over. Snap a photo of the item you’re trying to sell and add it to your listing directly within the app. Turn on notifications for real-time feedback on bids, offers, and if your item sells! If you’re staying in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or San Francisco, download Shyp—an incredible app that will not only help you to sell your stuff, but that will pick up what you’ve sold for a small fee, determine the cheapest shipping method based on your desired arrival time and take care of the rest.


letgo, stylized in all lowercase, is the perfect solution if you want to sell to buyers in your neighborhood. The app claims to be safer than traditional classified ads with built in security features such as full profiles on buyers and sellers. If you do plan to meet in person—it’s always a smart idea to convene in a well-lit public space such as in front of a police station or at a popular coffee shop.


OfferUp is another local based marketplace that can be a great resource. There are built in features that allow frequent sellers to build a positive reputation within the app, it’s easy to list items and there’s plenty of users looking to buy. Check out this well-reviewed app by visiting the App Store or Google Play. We recommend trying both letgo and OfferUp to determine your preference.


If your shoe closet is starting to overwhelm you, Goat is the app to download. It specializes in sneaker sales, so if you have some cool kicks you’re trying to get off your hands, there’s a good chance they will sell on Goat. Reviews are extremely positive and first-time users have mentioned their plans to list items on the app again.

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