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May 10, 2016

4 Helpful Apps for Tracking Expenses on Business Trips

Reporting work expenses is just one of many important responsibilities business travelers face. Simplify the process and ease your trip with these four helpful apps for tracking expenses:

1. Expensify

Snap a picture of your receipt or upload an existing photo and store it immediately in the app. Forget the last minute frantic searching or worrying associated with misplacing a receipt. Even better, Expensify uses smart scan which can extract the important details of your purchases directly from the receipt picture. Save time with expenses and focus on other tasks at hand.

2. Scanbot

Scanbot is fantastic for creating digital versions of your receipts, but it can also does so much more. Need to create a high-quality PDF of a paper document? Done. Need to check a QR code on a marketing piece? Scanbot does that too. The company listens to user feedback and releases new versions of the app based on this. Whether you’re scanning an expense report or legal document, it’s simple to send files via email or a file hosting service. Already have a picture of the document on your phone? Simply open it in the app.

3. Dropbox

You may know Dropbox as the online service for safely and securely sharing files with others. Have you tried their mobile app? Store expense reports on the go and use efficient built in features to email to your boss or accounting department, organize your files and more. Whether you use the desktop version or mobile app, login with the same credentials and all of your files will be there to view, edit and share.

4. WunderList

Business travelers stay busy with a variety of things to do and places to be. Make sure your expenses stay top of mind by adding it to your to-do list on Wunderlist. Not only is the user experience seamless and fun, the interface is gorgeous too. Use Wunderlist to set due dates, add reminders and notes to existing to-dos, share lists with colleagues and more. Access your list by mobile app, tablet or desktop. The app is free, but Wunderlist Pro users can upload files of any size, create unlimited subtasks and customize their app with special backgrounds.

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