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Jun 29, 2016

Apps to Download When Traveling with Pets

You can never be too sure what will happen when you’re on the road with your four-legged friend. We always hope for the best, but preparation is key. Whether you need to find a local dog run or the nearest vet, here are three must-have apps for traveling with your pet:

1. Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

Perfect for your dog or cat, the Pet First Aid app is your go-to for all medical needs. Wondering if a certain behavior is normal or something serious? Browse through categories such as allergic reactions, bite wounds and more to get a better grasp on the situation. Use the vet hospital locater should a concerning issue arise.

2. Puppy Coach 101

You love your pup but they’re making a mess—what now? Download Puppy Coach 101. The $2.99 app provides video clips with a variety of training techniques. Topics to choose from include house training, grooming, sitting and more. Keep track of your dog’s progress by checking off accomplishments within the app and see how well trained your dog becomes!

3. BringFido

You’ll never need to search the internet again for pet-friendly accommodations.  The BringFido app compiles hotels, parks and restaurants where your pet is welcome. Of course, you can always make the search easier by checking out a Furnished Quarters apartment—your pet will be welcome with open arms!

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