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Aug 25, 2016

Meal Prep Apps to Download This Week

Whether it’s the routine of a daily breakfast sandwich or frequent after work appetizers, eating out is expensive. Save up for special outings by cutting down on day-to-day food purchases. Here are three simple, money-saving food apps that help you prepare meals in your home kitchen:

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

If you need a recipe for any food you love, Allrecipes is the way to go. The app features thousands of easy-to-follow recipes categorized with user-friendliness in mind. Not sure what you want? Use the app’s dinner spinner to generate a list of recipes after selecting a dish type, key ingredient and prep time. The app is available for Apple, Android, Kindle and Windows mobile devices.

Food Planner

It’s convenient to order in or grab a bite from the corner store, but planning meals ahead can help you spare the temptation and save money. Food Planner does it all. Whether you want to import recipes, create grocery lists based on your planned meals or calculate nutritional data, Food Planner is your app. Users rave that the app keeps their credit card bill low and supports healthy eating goals.

Food Dictionary

Need to identify an obscure spice or vegetable? Food Dictionary provides a vast amount of food descriptions, images and more to up your culinary game. This is your resource the next time a recipe calls for Indian Gooseberries and you’re left bewildered.  Download the app in the App Store or Google Play.


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