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Apr 5, 2016

24-Hour Stores in New York City

When you’re up at an odd hour and need to find a phone charger, grab a coffee or print an important document, it’s great being in the city that never sleeps. Here are five handy 24-hour stores in NYC.

1. Best Buy – Union Square

The place for all things electronics is open 24 hours in the heart of Union Square. Don’t fret if you need to charge your laptop at 2am or just want to pick up a new Blu-ray disc. On top of that, Best Buy in Union Square is easy to get to—the 4, 5, 6, N, Q, R and L will all get you there.

2. Staples – Union Square

If you need to print something in a pinch or are working on a late night project that requires a few extra supplies, Staples can help you out. Staples in Union Square closes for one hour each weeknight between 11pm and midnight and has slightly shortened hours on Saturday and Sunday, so keep this in mind before you head out. If you’re more of a FedEx Office kind of person, there are 24-hour locations in Manhattan such as 60 West 40th Street and 641 Lexington Avenue.

3. Starbucks – Times Square

If you need your Starbucks fix at 3am, their Times Square location has got your back. Enjoy your favorites at any time of night, whether it’s a Frappuccino or a chocolate croissant. It’s convenient for the staff and guests of Good Morning America, too, as the studio is steps away and starts setting up before most people are awake. You never know—you may spot a celebrity grabbing a coffee before their GMA appearance.

4. The Subway

If the cost of taxis or car services keeps adding up, remember the subway is a 24-hour place of its own that can get you wherever you need to go in the city. There may be increased wait times after dark, but for $2.75 a trip it’s hard to beat. More about how to ride the NYC subway here!

5. Apple Store — Fifth Avenue

Being suddenly without a phone or laptop these days is like losing a limb. Fortunately, if your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc. is lost or out of commission and you need to remedy the situation ASAP, the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Midtown East is your saving grace. It’s open 24/7 to repair your devices or put a brand new one in your hands. The Genius Bar (repair counter) tends to get a bit crowded, however, so you may want to make an appointment if you can.

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