Hotel Price Hikes in Boston Send Travelers Scurrying for Short-term Rentals

Hotel Price Hikes in Boston Send Travelers Scurrying for Short-term

By: Robin Madell

If you’re a traveler in the Northeast, it’s hard not to notice that the hotels in Boston are pricey. A recent report in USA Today pegged Boston as one of the four cities with the biggest hotel rate increases in 2012. The average daily rate hovers around $158 per night—significantly higher than the national average of $106 per night. Climbing hotel taxes in Boston are partly to blame.

The average rate is one thing, but if you’re curious just how expensive it can get to stay in a hotel in Boston with more space and a few amenities, hold on to your hat. The Boston Business Journal found luxury and five-diamond rating hotels ran anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 per night—and that’s before taxes.

What do you get for your money? In some cases, not much more than two bedrooms, two baths, and a view of Boston Common. That’s why travelers in increasing numbers are turning to temporary furnished apartments in Boston for an alternative to expensive hotel stays.

Providers of corporate apartments and other short-term rentals in Boston can offer more bang for your buck. While not all temporary housing providers offer equal service and amenities, some have been proven by industry standards to stand out above the rest.

Furnished Quarters, for example, was awarded a Platinum Award from CARTUS Global Network for the last three consecutive years, based on outstanding innovation and customer service. This provider of temporary furnished apartments goes above and beyond with both living space and amenities, at prices on average 30% to 50% less than comparable hotels.

The residences at Furnished Quarters are more reminiscent of life at home than life on the road. Fully furnished bedrooms and baths are created by an in-house design team that pays attention to the details—from furniture to wall décor and housewares. It makes staying in these apartments surprisingly different, with a distinct local flavor.

These apartments are no secret in Boston. The company reported nearly 100% occupancy of its Massachusetts-based properties during heavy vacation months in 2012, and this summer, these unique residences promise to be equally popular with travelers.

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