Furnished Quarters Partners With Zipcar To Enhance Guest Experience

As the Selection of Furnished Quarters' Amenities Grows, Guests Maintain Additional Conveniences of Home

New York, NY (April 25, 2008) — Furnished Quarters has recently announced its collaboration with Zipcar, the world's largest and fastest growing car sharing service. By providing its guests with the added option and convenience of Zipcar's services, Furnished Quarters remains committed to providing exceptional services and amenities for its temporary housing guests. While many of Furnished Quarters 1,200 apartments are conveniently located near public transportation, sometimes a business meeting, an errand, or sightseeing might warrant the need for your own personal transportation. That is where Zipcar comes in.

Two hundred thousand Zipcar members share 5,000 cars located in more than 50 cities throughout the U.S. and U.K. For just $25 per year, rather than the standard $75 fee ($50 to sign up and $25 application fee), Furnished Quarters' guests can become members, qualifying them for special reduced rates at just $10 per hour or $69 per day, gas and insurance included. Members who take advantage of this opportunity also gain access to Zipcar's huge inventory of gas/electric hybrids, such as the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid, as well as high-end vehicles like the BMW 325i and Volvo S40. Membership is universal, so members can gain access to Zipcars in any city where they are available.

"Partnering with Zipcar allows Furnished Quarters to provide an added convenience to business and leisure travelers who want an easy way to get around," said Steve Brown, co-founder and CEO of Furnished Quarters. "Additionally, this new relationship builds on Furnished Quarters' efforts to preserve the environment by encouraging its guests to use eco-friendly vehicles and carpool."

Zipcar is a convenient, economical, and sustainable form of business travel that has had significant positive impact on the surrounding environment and local communities. In a recent survey, more than 40% of members state that they "would have kept their vehicle, or would have purchased a primary or secondary vehicle, if Zipcar did not exist." To date, Zipcar estimates it has taken 75,000 privately owned vehicles off the road and saved members more than $5,000 per year.

About Furnished Quarters
Furnished Quarters is the largest provider of temporary furnished housing in New York City. Founded in 1998, the company has since expanded to provide more than 1,200 furnished apartments throughout Manhattan, northern New Jersey, and the Boston metropolitan area. Combining the convenience of the best locations with the ease of having a true "home away from home," Furnished Quarters' apartments are stylishly furnished in a sleek, urban, modern design, reflecting the buildings, cities, and cosmopolitan lifestyle in which they are located. For more information, visit www.furnishedquarters.com.

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