Furnished Quarters is proud to have been selected as TheMIGroup’s primary supplier for corporate housing. As a leading provider of temporary furnished apartments, Furnished Quarters is able to assist with accommodations in New York City, Jersey City and Nationally.

TheMIGroup's corporate housing policy - Information on reservation extensions

For more information on Furnished Quarters' accommodations, please complete and submit the below form or contact Furnished Quarters at TheMIGroup@furnishedquarters.com.

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Please note that any extension past the estimated departure date will need to be approved by AIG Global Travel Services.

Please provide the following billing contact information

Send Invoice(s) To

*** AIG Global Travel Services is NOT responsible for paying these invoices. ***

Please note that a credit card is required for all reservations for incidental expenses.
Credit card details are not required until a reservation is confirmed.

Apartment details/requirements/requests


Housing Policy

In an effort to reduce the overall cost of long term lodging, TheMIGroup Services has implemented a Preferred Corporate Housing Program. The TheMIGroup Preferred Corporate Housing Program serves as an alternative to hotel rooms when the number of required nights exceeds 7 (seven). Corporate Housing offers all of the same amenities as a hotel at a lower cost.

Lease Extensions

  • All extensions beyond the initial scheduled check-out date must be approved by TheMIGroup
  • Per TheMIGroup's agreements with our Preferred Housing Provider, any extensions which are not approved by TheMIGroup will be paid by the guest directly.


  • TheMIGroup Corporate Credit Card must be utilized for all Corporate Housing charges unless otherwise noted and approved.
  • TheMIGroup will be responsible for rent and taxes only.
  • Incidental Charges (i.e. long distance telephone charges, cable TV upgrades, etc.) must be paid on a personal credit card.

For more information on TheMIGroup’s Preferred Corporate Housing program, please contact TheMIGroup Global Travel Services. 

Reservation Extensions

Furnished Quarters requires at least 15 day notice (or the applicable agreed upon term of notice if other than 30 days) in writing prior to your scheduled departure date in order to extend your stay.

All extensions must be approved by TheMIGroup.

If you do not give notice of extension in the manner and within the time specified above, the original departure date (or, if applicable, the extended departure date) will be deemed to be your firm departure date. Once your firm departure date has been established, any extension is subject to apartment availability, possible rent increases, Furnished Quarters' consent and TheMIGroup's approval.

Once a firm departure date has been established, your apartment will be available for rent to future guests and for showings. 

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