Furnished Apartments for Information Technology Professionals

The Northeast has seen a massive increase in the technology sector, with hubs like New York City and Boston leading the charge. With the tech job market on the rise in these areas and others throughout the country, IT professionals and employers have more need than ever for temporary furnished housing.

Whether for extended interview accommodations, short-term projects, or employee relocations, Furnished Quarters has IT professionals covered.

We can help you be ready and able to face your career challenges with a range of services and temporary housing solutions that fit travelers’ needs and company budgets. We offer:

  • Full amenities for business, combined with the comforts and conveniences of home
  • 24-hour customer service, business meeting centers, unlimited free high-speed Internet, and fully equipped kitchens
  • Extensive inventory of furnished rentals with many locations in large metropolitan areas, including New York City and Boston
  • Short-term rental rates up to 50% less than the average hotel
  • Residential living experience, with perks including washers and dryers and discounted Zipcar service

Conducting a job search, starting a new job, or relocating IT employees can be stressful enough without having to worry about hassles with temporary accommodations during the process and transition. IT professionals must be especially agile and require specialized housing services to fit their needs.

The right furnished housing experience can make a difference in business success. 

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