Corporate Furnished Apartments for
Human Resources

At Furnished Quarters, we consider temporary furnished housing to be an HR professional’s best benefit. Why? Because when you’re a human resources professional, one of your top priorities is to take care of your company’s employees.

A great way to do this is to make sure that employees deployed for short-term relocations have everything they need to ensure a successful outcome. It’s not enough to just send your key players out on assignment in another location. There are some important considerations that can make or break their professional experience.

Perhaps the most crucial consideration is quality of life while away from home for both employees and their families. That’s where Furnished Quarters comes in.

Benefits of Temporary Furnished Apartments

Our temporary furnished apartments offer several key advantages to business people on short-term assignments. Our properties:

  • Allow deployed staff members to live much as they do at home, cooking meals in their own fully equipped kitchen and relaxing in comfortable, sleek surroundings.
  • Offer personal services, such as 24-hour customer service, laundry and housekeeping, discounted car rentals, and full amenities.
  • Afford employees the ability to have a regular social life, with accommodations that make it easy to invite people over or have family come for a visit.
  • Encourage a residential experience that is also close to the office.

For HR professionals, the “right place” for their employees means temporary furnished housing from Furnished Quarters. Staying with us can pay off in higher employee satisfaction and better retention.

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