Temporary Furnished Housing for Patients and Healthcare Professionals

Temporary furnished housing at Furnished Quarters is the best solution for extended medical/hospital visits and other healthcare needs. Whether you or a loved one is having a medical procedure—or if you are a medical resident, traveling nurse, hospital employee, or medical student—you can benefit from a state-of-the-art temporary apartment from Furnished Quarters, your home away from home:

  • Our short-term luxury rentals are in convenient proximity to major medical centers in Manhattan, the Boston metro area, and other metropolitan areas and within walking distance to local hospitals.
  • Our corporate apartments and other short-term rentals are less expensive than hotels in the same cities—in fact, we offer special rates for many local hospitals.
  • Our temporary furnished housing comes fully equipped to allow you to stay differently—you’ll be able to cook meals in your own kitchen, eliminating the cost of eating out at restaurants daily.

Whether you’re a medical professional, a patient, or a hospital visitor, being well rested and well cared for is vital to your experience. By choosing a luxury furnished rental from Furnished Quarters, you’re guaranteed the ease you need in times of need. In the privacy of a residence with full amenities, you can focus on medical necessities during your stay.

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