Corporate Housing Services for
Financial Services

Recent economic times have put added pressure on the financial services industry to do more with less. With global challenges on the rise and added shareholder scrutiny, it’s more important than ever for finance professionals and employers to be able to rely on trustworthy corporate housing and temporary accommodations while traveling.

Investment banking, financial advisory services, insurance, investment management, and financial planning—no matter which part of the financial services industry you represent, working with Furnished Quarters means a unique and affordable hotel alternative.

Temporary Residences with Full Amenities and Conveniences

Furnished Quarters offers:

  • All-inclusive, stylishly furnished, spacious apartments with fully equipped kitchens and baths
  • Large inventory of temporary residences in major metropolitan areas nationally and globally
  • Business meeting centers in some locations
  • Convenient locations to public transportation
  • Free high-speed Internet and iPod docking station
  • Perks for business travel, including special offers with Zipcar, chauffeured transportation, banking services, and local restaurants
  • Building amenities such as gyms, pools, and lounges in some locations

We offer our financial services guests rates that are 30%-50% lower than the average luxury hotel—yet we provide so much more.

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