Furnished Rentals for Educational Institutions

Students, interns, and teachers may require a furnished rental while temporarily relocating to pursue an educational opportunity. Furnished Quarters caters to academic institutions and education professionals to ensure spacious, comfortable accommodations in convenient locations near college campuses, internship sites, training centers, and schools.

We maintain a wide array of corporate apartments and furnished housing options throughout the Northeastern region and other parts of the United States, as well as internationally. Wherever your educational opportunity takes you, we can help you stay in style and take advantage of the best local housing opportunities so that you can focus on your academic pursuits.

Furnished Housing with Full Amenities

A furnished rental from Furnished Quarters will provide you with breathing room to get set up, explore your campus and neighborhood, and coordinate logistics without feeling displaced by your move. We offer everything that relocating students and professors need, including:

  • Full amenities—including fully equipped kitchen and bath—so that you have necessary supplies at your fingertips
  • Cleaning services and laundry facilities
  • All of the comforts and luxuries of home, including free high-speed Internet, cable TV, a DVD player, and an iPod dock
  • Convenient locations near public transportation, plus special rates on Zipcar service and discounts at local restaurants
  • Neighborhood information to start your studies off right, including a welcome packet, maps, and lists of nearby shops and restaurants
  • A weekly newsletter of events near your campus

With so much taken care of, students and educators will find Furnished Quarters is the ideal source for all of their temporary housing needs.

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