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Furnished Quarters: 15 Years and Counting

On June 19, Furnished Quarters marks its 15th year as a provider of temporary furnished apartment rentals both nationally and globally. The company was founded in 1998, when Manhattan real estate developers Gary and Steven Brown began providing New York corporate apartments and Manhattan short-term rentals to business and leisure travelers in need of temporary housing.

Starting out with just two furnished apartments in New York City, the brothers leveraged their knowledge of the New York real estate market to acquire and lease monthly rentals in prime neighborhoods throughout the city.

Furnished Quarters has since grown to include a diverse portfolio of apartments throughout the Northeast and the entire United States—as well as the world. The company has also become the largest provider of temporary furnished housing in New York City.

The company’s 15-year anniversary comes during a period of high corporate growth and ongoing expansion into new markets. Furnished Quarters increased its inventory by over 30 percent in 2012, becoming the exclusive corporate housing provider for an even wider range of properties in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey. The company has also continued to expand into many diverse industry sectors, including accounting, advertising, healthcare, and information technology.

As we look at all that’s been accomplished at the company’s 15-year mark, it’s notable that Furnished Quarters continues to evolve the design of our apartments to create a “stay different” cutting edge décor. Earlier this year, we launched a new corporate website to further distinguish the company by design and by the unique lifestyle opportunities that we offer to our customers.

We intend to continue to expand into new properties, grow in new markets, increase our market share, and offer an exceptionally high level of service as we look toward our next anniversary and beyond.

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