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Paying Too Much for Wi-Fi? It’s Free at Furnished Quarters

You were probably already excited about the complimentary Wi-Fi at Furnished Quarters. But you’ll find more cause for celebration about it after reading a recent report from the BTN Group on “Connectivity and Calling Costs.”

The report states that “Many companies have unearthed connectivity and calling fees that surpass the cost of an airline ticket.” BTN also finds that in the category of travel expenses that includes meals, entertainment, and connectivity, connectivity is the fastest-growing expense.

Smartphones are estimated to be carried by around 75% of business travelers, and by 2016, technology research firm Gartner expects businesses will purchase upwards of 53 million tablets. Yet there are fees associated with connecting these devices—particularly when traveling.

The availability of Wi-Fi connectivity at hotels and corporate apartments alike allows guests to go online anytime. Therefore, when these fees go unchecked by spending caps or policies, they can quickly skyrocket.

CWT notes that not all hotels include Internet access as a service that’s part of the negotiated corporate rate—the same is true for temporary furnished apartments.  

The October 2012 issue of CWT Viewpoint reports that many hotels that previously offered free Internet access “are beginning to charge for it as they reduce the number of complimentary services for business travelers, including the increasing practice of providing a basic connection for free, but charging a fee for high-speed connections.”

CWT adds that in some parts of the world, infrastructure prevents hotels from offering this service for free. Yet employees traveling on business, and even casual travelers, need in-room Internet access available—so it doesn’t make sense to restrict the service.

At Furnished Quarters, providing complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity is a convenient and cost-effective way for travelers to stay connected. Given the high costs associated with Wi-Fi and other services that we offer as free perks to guests in our furnished apartments, it’s clear why you Stay Different at Furnished Quarters.

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