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Selling and Buying at the Same Time? Furnished Apartments Can Fill the Bill

Is your family in transition? If so, you’re not alone—about 20 percent of our customers at Furnished Quarters are families who for one reason or another are temporarily “in the lurch” with their housing needs.

Whether in limbo while waiting to find out if their mortgage has been approved, or stuck having sold one apartment or home before being able to purchase the next one, transitions like these call for short-term, turn-key solutions to ease the burden.

We think we’re the ones who can best fill that need, through temporary furnished apartments. Our unique techniques haven’t gone unnoticed, as you’ll see in this recent report on Manhattan short-term rentals filed by Monica Brown for NY1.

In her story, Brown notes that while some get hung up on the term “corporate apartments,” monthly rentals aren’t just for businesspeople anymore. Transitional families like those described above turn to Furnished Quarters because we offer the opportunity to stay differently, more flexibly, and more economically than you can in a hotel.

In our furnished apartments, you can do your own laundry in your unit and cook your own meals from your fully equipped kitchen. But what’s more, you save a bundle because you don’t have to move your furniture and possessions just for a short-term rental.

Instead, you have everything at your fingertips that you’d rely on at home, from a flat-screen TV and unlimited Internet to comfortable, stylish furnishings selected by an in-house design team and plush towels and sheets that will make you feel pampered, not put out of your home.

If you don’t want to sign a long-term lease or plunk down a hefty broker’s fee for short-term housing in New York City or throughout the tri-state area and the country, then Furnished Quarters is for you. Enjoy the feeling of true flexibility when you stay with us—and find out just how much we’re willing to do to ensure that your transition goes smoothly.

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