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Furnished Quarters: Our Condolences to Families in Newtown, CT



This week was a week of tragedy for many of our friends and extended family in the Northeast, for the nation, and for our global community.

All of us at Furnished Quarters are heartbroken about the shootings that took place in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday, December 14 that took the lives of 20 first graders and 6 adults.

At this time of year that gains meaning from celebrating with our loved ones, we ask everyone to take a moment of pause to remember those who were lost, and the families who are suffering in the wake of these terrible events.

Consider giving perhaps the most meaningful holiday gift of all this year by contributing to a victims’ family fund, the Sandy Hook School Support Fund, coordinated jointly by The United Way and Newtown Savings Bank.

You can mail check donations to:

Sandy Hook School Support Fund

c/o Newtown Savings Banks

39 Main Street

Newtown, CT 06470

You may also drop off donations at any Newtown Savings Bank branch location, or donate by credit card at this link: https://newtown.uwwesternct.org/

You can also call 1-800-461-0672 or (203) 792-5330 with questions about the support fund.

All of us at Furnished Quarters echo President Obama’s sentiment to all families and victims of this loss:

I can only hope it helps for you to know that you're not alone in your grief; that our world too has been torn apart; that all across this land of ours, we have wept with you, we've pulled our children tight. And you must know that whatever measure of comfort we can provide, we will provide; whatever portion of sadness that we can share with you to ease this heavy load, we will gladly bear it. Newtown—you are not alone.”

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