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Furnished Quarters: Doing What We Can in the Community

If you follow Furnished Quarters on social media (check our Facebook and Twitter pages), you’ll see that helping others is just something that we do.

That’s because we care about the people and communities that we serve as a top provider of temporary furnished rentals. In fact, we care so much that we’ve dedicated a corporate initiative to facilitate our charitable efforts: FQ Cares. Through this initiative, everyone at Furnished Quarters works hard to support charitable efforts and social causes that are collectively and individually important.

A recent showing of our efforts is the Toy Drive organized by FQ employees to benefit those affected by Hurricane Sandy. On a long-term basis, we’re actively involved in many social strategies, from organizing local fund drives to participating at the grassroots level in national charitable organizations.

Here are just a few of the causes that we leverage our resources—our people, skills, expertise, and funding—to support:

AIDS Walk New York: Furnished Quarters has been a sponsor and participant since 2006, helping to support an organization that has raised over $1.5 million for HIV programs and services.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters: We donate items to this important organization that they sell to raise funds to support their programs.

The Partnership for the Homeless: Furnish a Future: We provide ongoing donations of furniture and household goods to help individuals and families who are moving out of homeless shelters and into their own apartments.

National Veterans Services Fund: We recently donated a moving van to this organization, in support of its efforts to provide social services and medical assistance to veterans and their families.

Empire State Pride Agenda: Furnished Quarters provides education and advocacy programs to help support this statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender civil rights and advocacy organization.

And we have many more initiatives as well, which you can read about on our website. Through FQ Cares, Furnished Quarters is showing just how much our temporary housing company can do to help the communities where we work and live.

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