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Need Corporate Housing for Employees? Think Temporary, Not Permanent

If your company has needs for corporate housing, whether for transfers, trainees, temporary workers, or executive and management flyovers, you have options. And while you may have considered investing in a company-owned property for such purposes, there are several reasons why you should consider a smarter alternative: temporary corporate housing.

Providing temporary apartments for corporate use has been steadily on the rise in the business community. This is because it makes good business sense while offering corporate travelers a higher-quality experience. First let’s explore the business end:


Investing in a corporate-owned apartment may seem on the surface to be a cost-effective move. But when you look beneath the surface, there are several areas where opting for temporary furnished housing for employees and managers makes better financial sense.

In addition to ongoing mortgage-related expenses and the cost of furnishing and equipping the apartment, company-owned properties must also absorb the cost of outsourcing all service-related expenses, such as maintenance and housekeeping. Temporary corporate apartments, on the other hand, include amenities and maintenance services as part of the price of the package.

Payroll expenses are another area to consider when making decisions related to corporate housing. It’s not just outsourcing services that the company must pay for with ownership of a corporate apartment. There will also likely be significant internal expenses involved with apartment upkeep—at a minimum, employees will be needed to help manage the contractors who service the unit. Temporary furnished apartments eliminate these added expenses and hassles.

Quality and Convenience

Cost-savings are one benefit to temporary apartments; another is employee experience and convenience. While a corporate-owned apartment is a fixed unit of one size in a single location, temporary corporate apartments offer a wide variety of options in size, location, style, and amenities.

Because of this variety and the quality of experience that comes with it, temporary apartments make for happier travelers, leading to better employee retention. Instead of staying in an ill-equipped corporate-owned apartment, corporate jetsetters will find themselves in conveniently located, stylish digs. They’ll have everything at their fingertips for a great business experience—from a fully equipped kitchen to free high-speed Internet.

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