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Furnished Apartments vs. Hotels


Furnished Rentals: The Hotel Alternative

Choices, choices. When it comes time to choose a place to stay, whether on a short- or long-term basis, you have many alternatives to consider. But as we discussed in our last posting (see “You Get What You Pay For in Furnished Apartments”), not all choices are created equal.

And when it comes to comparing the benefits of hotels versus furnished housing, the same principle holds true. Here are some reasons to consider a furnished apartment over a hotel on your next trip for business or pleasure:


Hotels are notoriously impersonal. Most hotel rooms offer little more than a bed and bath. Furnished rentals, however, allow for a full-service experience with a flavor of home. At Furnished Quarters, you’re more than a guest—you’re a resident. You can enjoy preparing your own meals in the privacy of your own kitchen, and relaxing in comfortable luxury with full accommodations after a hectic day.


The difference in amenities between even an upscale hotel and Furnished Quarters is like night and day. While the hotel experience offers little more than chocolates on your pillow and cable TV, a furnished apartment is much more all-inclusive.

In addition to a stylishly furnished living room and bedroom and a fully equipped kitchen and bath, Furnished Quarters offers unlimited phone and Internet service, discounted car service, housekeeping service and 24-hour customer care.


If the setting and stocked cabinets aren’t enough to convince you to switch from hotels, the price difference will. Simply put, the right furnished housing provider can offer you much more for much less. At Furnished Quarters, our rates are 30%-50% lower than the typical upscale hotel.

An average 250-300 square foot hotel room in New York City could run you $275 a day, and up to $8,250 a month. Compare that to Furnished Quarters, which offers one-bedroom apartments more than twice the size for only $200 per day, or $6,000 per month.

When you factor in the difference in taxes and fees, the cost advantages compound. While hotel taxes average nearly $1,300 per month, they are less than half of that at Furnished Quarters, averaging just over $500 per month. Need we say more?

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