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In Transition? Try Temporary Housing

While you may think of temporary furnished housing as only for corporate executives, an increasing number of individuals and families on the move are finding what they need in furnished rentals.

In today’s housing market, you have to be ready to jump quickly when opportunities present themselves. Sometimes as a home buyer, you must try to sell your current house at the same time your purchasing your next one. In such cases, it can be difficult to get all of your ducks in a row in terms of timing—for example, if you’ve sold one property before your mortgage has been approved.

This is the perfect situation to let Furnished Quarters fill in the gaps. Temporary rental apartments offer many advantages over hotels or other types of housing situations:

·You avoid having to pay expensive broker’s fees.

·You don’t have to sign a long-term lease.

·You have flexibility—you can stay for 30 days or several months depending on your own needs and timing.

·You can manage your finances more precisely because you can move out mid-month.

·You can save money by avoiding having to move your own furniture just for a short-term stay.

At Furnished Quarters, full amenities are part of the deal. You can cook in your own kitchen, do your laundry in your unit, and have separate rooms for the kids to stay. You’ll enjoy contemporary luxury in your choice of locations from coast to coast or even internationally.

So don’t let your transition be trying—let Furnished Quarters give you the right place to stay when you need it: 1-800-255-8117.


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