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Travelers Suffer from Diminishing Hotel Perks

There’s been a lot in the news lately about the downsizing of hotel services. From skimpier amenities to fewer staff and smaller rooms, many hotels today leave something to be desired.

An article in USA Today quoted Jeff Weinstein, Editor-in-Chief of Hotels magazine, as saying: “The unfortunate reality of today’s marketplace” is hotels are “more focused on saving cash than delivering the best service.”

Another article published on MSNBC reports that:

·Pump dispensers on the shower wall are replacing the once-standard hotel amenity of individual shampoos, soaps, and lotions that guests could take home with them.

·Bathtubs are disappearing as a once-expected “ahh” for weary travelers.

·Hotel fees and surcharges continue to escalate, reaching a record $1.8 billion last year.

But not everyone is making life worse for customers. In sharp contrast to the downgraded services of hotels, some in the temporary furnished housing industry are providing even more amenities and services for guests, not less.

Just this month, Furnished Quarters announced that it will provide a new luxury bath amenity in each of its residences in every location by mid-October: products from L’Occitane’s Verbena collection.

Rather than taking away from guests’ quarters, Furnished Quarters is providing extra pampering when you stay in our apartments, in the form of a portable bath kit. The luxurious kit contains not only shampoo and conditioner, but shower gel, body lotion, and two types of Shea butter soap in bars, not dispensers—everything you need to reduce travel stress and fatigue.

Why do we do more while others are doing less? Because it’s one of our goals to align our amenities with the type of apartments we offer. We want to reach a level of ultimate customer satisfaction for new guests, as well as continue to ‘wow’ our returning guests, by providing an outstanding experience.

We believe it’s the little things that make a difference, day in and day out. It’s disappointing for travelers to arrive in a hotel and miss out on the perks that used to help make the experience of travel distinctive and special. So we’re doing things differently, by choosing products and amenities that fit our guests’ needs and diverse lifestyles…because you shouldn’t have to give up on what’s most important when you’re away from home.

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