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Furnished Housing Helps During a Job Search

 A job search can be stressful enough without having to worry about where you will stay during the interviewing process. Today’s job hunters need to be agile, and that means being in top form for meeting potential new employers.

This can be more challenging when you are traveling out of your city or state for an interview, company exploratory meetings, or an extended job search—but it doesn’t have to be. Furnished housing can help you be more “ready and able” to face your career challenges in several ways:

  • By providing all the amenities you’ll need for business, combined with the comforts and conveniences of home
  • By featuring 24-hour customer service, business meeting centers, unlimited free high-speed Internet, and fully equipped kitchens
  • By offering an extensive inventory of furnished rentals with many locations in large metropolitan areas
  • By offering short-term rental rates up to 50% less than the average hotel
  • By allowing you to “live like a local,” with perks including washers and dryers and discounted Zipcar service

The right set-up can make a big difference in landing the job of your dreams. Studies have shown that employee performance improves when living in a homey environment.

And there are other benefits of furnished housing, too. With close proximity to both business and entertainment, you’ll have options to explore and acquaint yourself with your possible new location once you’ve aced the interview.

If your family joins you on the road, you’ll all enjoy a spacious environment with plenty of room for both business and pleasure, and a separate room for the kids. So give yourself a boost when it comes to your job search: stay in comfort and style at Furnished Quarters.

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