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Filming in NYC? Stay Awhile


The Mayor cares about it, and so do we. The New York City Mayor’s Office and the Department of Small Business Services have joined together in partnership to give extra support to the media and entertainment industry.

That’s because according to a 2012 study released by the Boston Consulting Group, NYC’s film sector has never been stronger, generating a direct spend of $7.1 billion last year—a $2 billion increase over the past decade.

The media industry remains a bright spot in an largely dim economy, remaining an important contributor to the city’s bottom line, and currently employs around 275,000 people.

Overall, the media sector is a crucial revenue source for Manhattan as well as a job source—and the city’s cross-disciplinary talent pool and digital community continues to attract an increasing number of new digital companies and tech giants to set up shop in the area.

All of this means that many in the entertainment industry have good reasons to stay in Manhattan. So at Furnished Quarters, we’ve followed the Mayor’s lead and upped the ante to facilitate an increasing number of corporate housing stays for all sectors of media, from television and film productions to music and theater.

We’ve always been committed to our media visitors. We’ve accommodated our guests in style in our temporary furnished apartments since our company’s inception in 1998. Our longevity and commitment to the industry means that we’re highly experienced in catering to the unique needs of all aspects of the entertainment industry.

But now with production offices in SoHo and Tribeca, we make it a point to identify new furnished apartment inventory in neighborhoods nearby. As a result, Furnished Quarters today offers a greater number of rentals below 23rd Street in Manhattan—the ideal location for film sets—than any other furnished rental company in the city.

We’re also the exclusive corporate housing provider to a large and continuously expanding array of moderately priced luxury residences in top buildings around New York City that are ideal for housing entertainment production groups.

So come one and all to the city that never sleeps, and that always entertains—and let Furnished Quarters be your host of a great place to put your feet up.

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