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Furnished Housing During Renovations

Home renovation can mean relocation—at least temporarily. Although leaving your space may seem inconvenient, doing so can actually make the renovation process go more smoothly for both you and your contractors, which in the long run could save you time and money.

Here are some reasons to consider temporary furnished housing during home renovations:

Promote efficiency. Staying in your house during interior renovations can be a recipe for disaster. Contractors can work more quickly and efficiently if you vacate the space while the work gets completed. Even if the work is concentrated in one part of the house, construction activities may affect other parts of the house as well, such as electrical outlets or lighting. If your family is underfoot while the construction team is trying to work, it makes it difficult for the team to complete their job in an efficient way.

Protect your safety. Safety reasons are another reason to consider a hiatus from home during renovations. Older homes in particular may contain asbestos and lead-based paint—in fact, most homes built before 1978 contain some lead-based paint. Even if it’s been previously removed from your house, traces of asbestos or paint dust may be disturbed during construction, which can be dangerous to breathe. If you live in a newer home, dust from regular construction can still be a problem. It may end up in your laundry, your bed, or even your food if you try to go about your daily activities while work is in progress.

Protect your sanity. While embarking on a home renovation project can be exciting, one drawback is that living in the middle of a construction zone will without a doubt be uncomfortable for you and your family. Your sanctuary will essentially be “under siege” during the time of the construction—with carpenters, electricians, and plumbers clomping through, tools lying around, and perhaps even walls being torn down, it’s next to impossible to treat the time as “business as usual” around your house. Construction is a dirty, dusty, noisy process. Even if your construction team tries to control these factors to the best of their ability, there is no way to control them completely.

Enjoy a break. Renovations create an opportunity to spend some time out of the house. While your living space is getting spruced up, why not treat yourself to some pampering, too? With some planning, you can use the time during your home renovation to do something different in a new setting.

Furnished housing can provide a home away from home, allowing you to trade the inconveniences of living in a work zone with comfortable stylish quarters. You’ll enjoy:

  • All of the comforts and luxuries of home, including fully furnished living and dining quarters
  • A fully equipped kitchen, just right for preparing healthy meals
  • 24-hour amenities and services, including housekeeping and customer service
  • Ready-to-go everyday practicalities such as phone service, cable, and Internet
  • Household items such as linens, blankets, towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies
  • Discounted car service through Zipcar, with gas and insurance included
  • Peace of mind, relaxation, and comfort

There’s no need to suffer through noise, dust, and chaos. Let Furnished Quarters become your home—and your refuge—until your new home is ready.

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